Hounds of Hell

Final piece. I've got 5 more days to tweak things here and there but I think I'm done. I just want to move onto something new.

B-Movie Composition Test

Started painting and adding color.

Composition for a movie poster I'm thinking of doing. Just a really rough idea. Got to go through the poses and facial gestures and general composition clean up. We shall see, Renly. We shall see.

The Daily Sketch #3

These are getting fun. About 1.5-2 hours? Fun times!

The Daily Sketch - 9/9/2012

Thinking of doing a portrait a day, 2 hours each.


So a continuation from the last post. After working out a thumbnail and doing those color comps I got to work on the illustration itself. I used to really overlook doing thumbnails and studies and all that other preparatory work, but doing so this time has definitely helped and given me the confidence to keep powering through this. Plus finding some decent reference shots certainly helps. Anyways, this is still a work in progress but it's getting there.

More details. Slight color adjustment. More light and texture. Still lots to clean up.

Color comps for a illustration project

I'm reading this book called Knights: The Eye of Divinity. It's totally part of that cheesy medieval-epic genre. Nerdy, but I like it. Anyway, these are some color comps for one of my images that I have in mind. My goal is that I hope to come up with storytelling images as I go through the book. This picture would be the beginning where the main character Lannon (god, that is so nerdy) is introduced, as he is walking through the nearby forest that surrounds his home. The scene is described as a lush green forest with mist and cool winds blowing through. I think I like the top right color concept best for that, but the bottom two images interest me.

Cinematic composition studies.

Just some studies from Lord of the Rings. An exercise in composition and understanding of the importance of foreground, middle ground, and background elements. What works and what doesn't? The cool thing about these is they're just shapes, so really they can be anything, which turns them into pretty good composition references.

If you want to do the exercise check out CtrlPaint.com's Film Studies section. 

I'm making an attempt to illustrate a medieval book I'm reading. These will come in handy. Sorry I haven't updated with anything original.

Hey old friend.

Just a random doodle to test the computer.

I've been sort of on hiatus lately. My main laptop went kaput, then the laptop I had after it was nowhere near fast enough to run Photoshop and a Wacom tablet. I finally got a desktop so hopefully this will be incentive to start drawing and painting again. And updating this art blog. Man, I'm rusty.

A new story I'm working on

Getting warmer.

Just some character. I'll drop the details (about the story and in the painting) in a bit. Must sleep.

CHOW - "Alien Gardener"

Concept I'm working on for the week. It's sort of a bug/plant hybrid creature. Ladybug head, flower garbs, plant tentacles... sort of threw a curveball with the snake body. I might change it. Still need to come up with a way with how it "gardens". I figured it would just go around it's planet (Mars more than likely) spreading spores and seeds creating new plant life.

Snake study

Just a study of a cobra. I wanted to learn how they stand tall. And also how to paint scales using some randomly made-on-the-fly custom brushes. I like overlaying textures in Photoshop and going over them instead of trying to hand paint textures. Just seems like a pain in the butt for workflow. But handpainting is always a good exercise. I've obviously failed, ha.

Dragon project

Just a dragon project I'm doing. There will be a knight to match, hopefully.

Here we go!

A little character I'm working on for a little project I'm embarking on.

Another study of young boy

Another quick study (depending on what you consider quick). Trying to practice kids because I'm working on a personal project illustrating my take on Orson Scott Card's "Enders Game".

Portrait study for the day

Just practicing. I don't know this kid other than through Google.

Arctic ship speedpaint. Sorta.

Not really a speedpaint entirely. I had this idea that wasn't great during my initial paint session. Came back to it though and did about an hour or so of fixes. I feel I can move on now.

An "Armored Bird"


Sort of a random project I decided to do. The creature of the week, well, last week, was an "Armored Bird". I tried to do an armadillo chicken thing. I don't know. Painting is fun and so is drawing.