3D Lineup of the first team.

Just seeing how the team looks standing side by side. I like it when characters work well with each other stylistically. I might ditch the helmet on the little gremlin buddy on the right, it was suppose to match the chain idea of the guy in the middle but I don't know yet... Still need more work on these guys though, that's for sure.

Monster Football Game character lineup sheet.

This is a lineup sheet of the first 8 teams of the game. There are 8 more teams after this! Yikes!

Credits go to: Alisa Ogura, Cindy Avila, and Marc Ravelo

Speed Paint

Just a quick one. I haven't done anything personal in a while... got to stay in practice.

We're making a football game!

Just some character concepts from the game. It's going to be thebomb.com.