Rock painting tutorial

1) Desaturated the original image. I'm not even sure who the original artist is but I wish I knew so I could credit them. It was posted by someone on wanting to know how to paint rocks like this. I wanted to know as well so I did a quick study.

2) Drew some lines to represent the general plane change of the forms. There are distinct top planes and side planes.

3) So I took the traced linework and moved it to a new document, then painted in the simple light side vs dark side. A lot can be said with just two values.

4) Removing the linework you can see the form is for the most part already "there".

5) Some secondary details. Really just breaking down the bigger forms into smaller forms and adding in those subtle plane changes where ever seemed fit.

6) Cracks added topped with some specular  (ping) lighting just to make forms pop.  Some detail in the shadow as well due to reflective light coming from below. The rule of thumb is shadows are never completely black, and there is usually light in shadow (thank you Background Painting :D). Once the forms are defined and the light source is shown it's pretty much onto the nitty gritty detail work at this point.

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