2011 Disney's Imagineering Project

These are the concept pieces I had for the 2011 Disney's Imagineering Project. The ride was loosely based on time traveling and finding Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. The ride itself was a summary of 4 Disney shorts featuring Mickey Mouse. My idea was to present my pieces in the style of those vintage Disneyland ride posters. We didn't qualify but I had fun nonetheless.

Image 1 - Shows the riders going up Mickey's Beanstalk
Image 2 - Shows the riders chasing Oswald in "Trolley Troubles"
Image 3 -  The ride had a camera-gun concept that you'd point at areas to activate interactive objects
Image 4 - The ride vehicle. It was egg-shaped and was based off Gyro Gearhouse's inventions.


  1. Thanks Tim, yeah it seemed like a pretty out-of-the-box idea.

  2. Nice presentation on the images. I think the drop shadow on the ride vehicles throws off the silhouette, though.