Frozen Lair of the King/Queen background

The final print pass: I added more colors for vibrancy. The print will probably be brighter, and washed out so this is probably good. I'm happy with how this turned out so for the most part, it's time to say it's done and to send it to print. 

Better idea, and I think I fixed the composition. Still needs more color, as I'm noticing the thumbnail is almost monotone.

Pre-final pass: I'm trying to make that cloth behind the platform. I might turn off the "beacon-like" lighting too because it throws off the tapestry. There is going to be a throne in that thing soon, I just have to  decide on its silhouette.

Value studies - I'm thinking a combination of #1 and #2 would be good.


  1. Yeah, #1 and #2 look pretty solid.

  2. Thanks Tim, your input is always helpful.

  3. Looks awesome! I love the saturation of color on the final and the use of textures.