Frozen Lair of the King/Queen background

The final print pass: I added more colors for vibrancy. The print will probably be brighter, and washed out so this is probably good. I'm happy with how this turned out so for the most part, it's time to say it's done and to send it to print. 

Better idea, and I think I fixed the composition. Still needs more color, as I'm noticing the thumbnail is almost monotone.

Pre-final pass: I'm trying to make that cloth behind the platform. I might turn off the "beacon-like" lighting too because it throws off the tapestry. There is going to be a throne in that thing soon, I just have to  decide on its silhouette.

Value studies - I'm thinking a combination of #1 and #2 would be good.

2011 Disney's Imagineering Project

These are the concept pieces I had for the 2011 Disney's Imagineering Project. The ride was loosely based on time traveling and finding Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. The ride itself was a summary of 4 Disney shorts featuring Mickey Mouse. My idea was to present my pieces in the style of those vintage Disneyland ride posters. We didn't qualify but I had fun nonetheless.

Image 1 - Shows the riders going up Mickey's Beanstalk
Image 2 - Shows the riders chasing Oswald in "Trolley Troubles"
Image 3 -  The ride had a camera-gun concept that you'd point at areas to activate interactive objects
Image 4 - The ride vehicle. It was egg-shaped and was based off Gyro Gearhouse's inventions.

Futuristic Pirate Docking Bay

Work in progress. Top image will be the most up-to-date one.

Futuristic Teenage Alien Bedroom

WIP: Trying to figure out some ideas. Progress so far.