Some texture studies. These were so fun and I plan on adding them to my routine of studies. Try doing some yourself! I learned a lot I think.

Smelly skies

Some smelly sky studies. They're not done just quite yet. The lighting in my room stinks as well. I love real media!

New old sketchbook.

I lost Photoshop because my computer died a few weeks ago. It's kind of a blessing though since it gives me a chance to work with real media instead. Anyways, this is the first page of a sketchbook my sister bought me that I'm exclusively using just to paint things in. It's pretty sweet.

Friend study

Click the picture to see my painting process in animated form.

A study of my friend Jennifer. I'll work on it more later on. I had no idea Photoshop had a GIF animation function, but now that I know this will probably be a common theme.