Daily speed painting - 2hrs

I think I'm in love with forest environments and nothing else.

Character thumbnails Nov 22.

All these characters are going into one whole idea. LOL that would be awful. They're really not. Anyways, I like this method of thumbnailing. It's quick and just feels a whole lot looser than trying to pre-conceive ideas.

Paint practice

Trying to learn to paint quicker and things I'm not really acquainted with as far as painting goes.
-45 minutes I think? More or less.

Environment 2

The 2nd environment I'm messing around with. It's sort of the exit to a mine shaft I guess... You can just say it's a cave exit. Not sure what to do with it but it's definitely a work in progress.

The hunter in the woods

What I'm working on right now. One of the illustrations for the game. The hunter in the woods. Grayscale to color actually seems like a great idea. Thanks various YouTube art videos.

Matte Doodle

Just a quick little matte painting test. I've been watching some tutorials on YouTube.