Underwater Research Lab

I don't know if I like the composition of this. I tried to do a SketchUp mock-up and play with view angles but everything came out too compressed. I still need to tweak this but its getting there. Maybe.

Color study // Light study

Another study. Too lazy to go detail crazy on the ribbon. Sort of nagging me even though this is a quick study. I'll probably paint the ribbon on its own for the next painting.

Some observations:
1) Round reflective surfaces reflect whats around it. (What a revelation, huh?)
2) Reflection sharpness depends on surface texture.
3) Color on flat surfaces lighten a little as light passes over.
4) Water/glass softens and distorts.

Still Life // Color study // Light study

Decided to do a simple still life study. I've decided to address my problem of understanding light and shadow and how its affected by color.

Some observations:
1) The local color (color of the object) is affected by the color of the light.
2) Shadows will be the contrasting color mixed with the local color.
3) Cast shadows are more opaque.
4) Shadows are less saturated.

Adv. Illustration - Environment: Underwater Research Lab

Working on this assignment for my Adv. Digi-Illustration class. Its an underwater research lab. I suck at doing details and understanding where the light comes from.