Apple practice

Just got Painter 11 the other day for this Advanced Digital Illustration class I'm in. Decided to test the waters.


Here is a robot I just started randomly doodling. I'm thinking I'm going to touch it up more because the colors are boring, sorta. I actually love the maroon/blue color scheme but obviously its very bland just going on that.

"Look out! Enemy walker spotted!"

Food displays for my sister

My sister wants me to do some display cards for her baby shower coming up on the 30th. Same theme as the previous posted invitations. She'll be putting these in front of the served food (buffet style). Graphic design isn't my thing and I honestly dislike this kind of work but she wants me to do it. I've been experimenting more with Illustrator in the process (one reason why I dislike graphic design - Illustrator and thinking out your paths).