Photoshop Self-Portrait

Trying to improve my color, face anatomy, general painting, etc. etc. abilities over the break. Heres a self portrait I did to keep myself in check.

The New Quacker

Meh. This project came on way too short notice.

Swamped. Like Yoda-on-Dagoba swamped.

So swamped this week! I still have yet to even start my digital painting as well... just great. 24 hours to paint something - is it possible? I'll found out. Good luck to everyone during finals.

Getting warmer...

I'm not sure what to do with that patch of green bush (sounds dirty).

Unsure where I'm going at this point.

Started adding color... what the heck is a triadic color scheme! Pish-posh.

Photoshop collage project

Here is my rough for the collage project so far. This is with all the layer effects off... I figured it'd be funny to look at just to see how horrible it looks without all that photoshop voodoo dark magic applied. I'll post more in a couple hours.

Baby Shower Invites

Howdy howdy and bowdy bowdy,

I'm going to be an uncle in a couple of months so my sister asked me to design the invitations for her baby shower. This is something completely out of my realm but I guess free resources are free resources, heh. The theme for the shower is a circus/Moulin Rouge affair. This was a strange task because Moulin Rouge has a red/yellow/warm color scheme but my sister wanted this baby blue diamond pattern color scheme instead (she's having a boy). I'll tell you something; sometimes you just need to throw the prompt out the window and roll with the punches when you know its just not going to work. Flex your artistic AU-THOR-I-TY!

Classic Tale Thumbnails

Some thumbnails for the classic tale project. Still deciding which to go with. Your thoughts?

How many times must you repeat yourself?

Hello hello! (HOLA!)

Another eye for your eyes. A sight for sore eyes!