Stumped. As in tree stumped.

Howdy classmates and blog followers,
Alright, so here are the two big ideas I was toying around with for the T-shirt design project. The concept is "Funny things about being an art student".

Idea 1.) I'm broke as a joke because I spent all my money on supplies
Idea 2.) My car is overflowing with all my stuff AHHH!!!
One of the things I have to fix is the simplicity of these. I decided to just put everything down on the paper first and subtract things as I go... good for ideas, bad for simplicity's sake. I'm liking idea 2 though; I have it in my head how the final should be - car has so much crap in it I can't even drive it - but I don't want to get too attached to one idea without exploring others so its back to the drawing boards.

Anyone want to throw me some helpful incite?

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