H to the -izzle

Hey everyone,

So, I know this is technically a blog in which I post my artwork but I also want to use it to share some inspiration with my fellow artists, because I know we all have those days where the pen is the bane of our existence (or maybe that's just me? Whatever!) and we can all use a little pick me up now and then, right?

Anyways, here is a video I stumbled on YouTube today. Stan Lee apparently hosted a television show from the 90's called "Comic Book Greats", and in this particular episode he interviews the infamous Jim Lee (no relation between the two). Even if you're not particularly a big fan of superhero comics (...get off my blog...) I think there is still something here worth watching. Jim shows that everything you pick up from life can aid in your art, and with a little practice and dedication you can really go places.

This is just the first video, if you click the link you can watch the entire series; there should be about 5 or so parts.

Anyways, I'll be posting some shots of the sketchbook in a bit, hope everyone is having a good semester.

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