Patterned eye

My patterned eye for the week. I wanted to practice some more with the gradient tool... I'll probably redo this, the pattern isn't as noticeable (its in the iris but it doesn't repeat enough).

Watercolor painting complete

And the finished piece. 15"x15" on Arches watercolor paper. I would have done a few things differently... next time I suppose.

Watercolor paintings

Here is my first real watercolor assignment. It's still not done but its getting there. In the pictures the type looks all weird because the paper is all warped from not being stretched yet. Watercolors seemed really hard at first but learning to control it has proven how great this medium is. Don't get me wrong though, I'm still not quite 100% sure with what I'm doing! Whatever!

Eyes: Stroke and Mesh

Hey everyone,

Here are my eyes for the week. Two confusing tools, but they look like they can really do some amazing stuff. I have a feeling I'm going to spend one night getting lost in all the anchor points that mesh tool makes. The 2nd one is suppose to have a candy texture... but to be honest I really didn't know what I was doing. :(

T-Shirt for sale

Hey everyone,

I uploaded my t-shirt design to The link is here.
The price is 15.95 for one. If anyone buys one I'll be really amazed. I think I might try coming up with more t-shirt ideas in the future because this site is kind of cool and hey, income is even WAY COOLER!

Anyways, I'll be posting more art soon... once I get my  head around this mountain of homework thats just piling up week by week. Have a good day everybody!


Eye  homework for week #4

Needs more cheese.

Hello classmateys!

Heres the almost-finished version of my T-shirt design. Still needs a little fixin's here and there me thinks. Does it read well? And is it FUNNY! funny? Only time will tell (Thursday basically).

Can't wait to see everyone else's designs. Do me a favor though and feel free to boo and hiss at anything if it doesn't seem right!

Cheers everyone.

Stumped. As in tree stumped.

Howdy classmates and blog followers,
Alright, so here are the two big ideas I was toying around with for the T-shirt design project. The concept is "Funny things about being an art student".

Idea 1.) I'm broke as a joke because I spent all my money on supplies
Idea 2.) My car is overflowing with all my stuff AHHH!!!
One of the things I have to fix is the simplicity of these. I decided to just put everything down on the paper first and subtract things as I go... good for ideas, bad for simplicity's sake. I'm liking idea 2 though; I have it in my head how the final should be - car has so much crap in it I can't even drive it - but I don't want to get too attached to one idea without exploring others so its back to the drawing boards.

Anyone want to throw me some helpful incite?


Here are two simple eyes. The first one is using just shapes and the second one uses a minimal amount of lines and shape. Can you tell what they are?

Previous works

Hey all,

Here are some previous works of mine.

Critiques/opinions always welcome.

H to the -izzle

Hey everyone,

So, I know this is technically a blog in which I post my artwork but I also want to use it to share some inspiration with my fellow artists, because I know we all have those days where the pen is the bane of our existence (or maybe that's just me? Whatever!) and we can all use a little pick me up now and then, right?

Anyways, here is a video I stumbled on YouTube today. Stan Lee apparently hosted a television show from the 90's called "Comic Book Greats", and in this particular episode he interviews the infamous Jim Lee (no relation between the two). Even if you're not particularly a big fan of superhero comics (...get off my blog...) I think there is still something here worth watching. Jim shows that everything you pick up from life can aid in your art, and with a little practice and dedication you can really go places.

This is just the first video, if you click the link you can watch the entire series; there should be about 5 or so parts.

Anyways, I'll be posting some shots of the sketchbook in a bit, hope everyone is having a good semester.