3D Modeling - Step 1: Try Something

Teaching myself to 3D model. The learning curve is incredibly steep and I'm sure I'm making a ton of mistakes but it's a learning process, and every step forward I make ultimately feels more rewarding than the last. A lot of this is trial and error and I still feel "clunky" when it comes to hotkeys and actions but I'm getting there.

May 18 2014 Digital Sketchbook Pg 1.

Been on a drawing hiatus lately. Starting to draw. Again. Feels like I'm at ground zero. I ran out of paper and lead so I'm getting reacquainted with my tablet. Speaking of which, I think I need to update this sucker to something bigger. Anyways, expect to see more posts like this as I fill out more "pages".

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes

Just a project I'm working on. These little guy are still a work in progress. I need to get better at refining my curves in illustrator.